Family Connections

My name is Charmaine Marie Willier-Larsen, owner of the Bannock n Bed inn on the Sucker Creek First Nation.   I am a descendant of the Signatories of Treaty 8, which was signed in 1899 just two km north from Bannock n Bed.

My great great great  grandfather was Namour Willier – half brother to John ‘Chief Papaschase’ Gladu-Quinn.

His wife, my great great great grandmother was Elizabet Lizette Claudie Gladu; Born 1806 – Lesser Slave River-Died 1907 in Edmonton. – widowed of John ‘Kwenis’ Quinn, mother of Chief Papaschase

Their son, my great great grandfather, Jean Baptiste ‘Masinagoneb’ Willier; born 1821.

His wife, my great great grandmother, Marie ‘Kowikkiu’ Willier (Courteoreille).

Their youngest 7th son, my great grandfather, Michel (Micheal) Willier –

Brothers - Louison ‘Mostos/Moostoos’ Willier, Alexandre (Andre) ‘Kinosayo’ Willier, Felix ‘Astachickun’ Willier, Basil ‘Seechachees’ Willier (twin), Benjamin ‘Wittigo (twin) ’ Willier, Alfred Joseph ‘Okimaw Willier,

 ‘Upschinese’ Felix Giroux (adopted),

Sisters - Sophie Gertrud Willier, Betsy Catherine Willier (Cunningham), Ellen Willier Hamlin)

His wife, my great-grandmother, LaRose Willier (Auger)

Their son, my grandfather, Sam Jean-Baptiste Willier; born 1904-1980 – brother to

Scotty Willier, Joe Willier, three sisters.

His wife, my grandmother, Marie Louise Willier (Walker); born 1911-2005

Their daughter, my mother was Margaret Rose Koski (Willier) ; Born 1942-2011.

Her Husband was Allan Gerald Koski, - 1995

Then me, Charmaine M. Willier-Larsen. Children Eric Larsen, Chad Larsen. Brothers Brian Willier, Allen Koski, Robert Koski, Sister Helen Koski. Numerous Relations from 7 generations.

Charmaine Marie Willier-Larsen

Family Connections

My name is Charmaine Marie Willier - Larsen, owner of the Bannock 'n' Bed Inn on Sucker Creek First Nation.

I am related to the first signatories of Treaty 8.

My great great grandfather was John "Kwenis" Quinn; Born 1804 - Lesser Slave River - Died 1870 Lesser Slave River

His wife, my great great grandmother was Elizabet Lizette Claudie Gladu; Born 1806 - Lesser Slave River - Died 1907 in Edmonton

Thier son, my great grand father was Jean Baptiste 'Masinagoneb' Willier (Mase-See Nee Quan-Ape); Born 1821 - Gladu Settlement - Died - unknown

His wife, my great grandmother was Marie 'Kowikkiu' Willier (born Courteoreille);Born 1833 - Lesser Slave Lake - Died 1913 at Driftpile Point

Their son, my grandfather was: Sam Willier (Sam Jean - Baptiste Willier); Born 1904 - Died 1980

His wife, my grandmother was Marie Louise Willier (Walker); Born 1911 - Died 2005

Their daughter, my mother was Margaret Rose Koski (Willier); Born 1942- Died 2011

Her husband, my father was Allan Gerald Koski who died in 1995.

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This rural B n B is conveniently located along Highway 2 in Northern Alberta, 15 minutes East of High Prairie, 45 minutes west of Slave Lake and 1.5 Kilometres from the Sucker Creek First Nation Band office.

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