Chiefs of Sucker Creek First Nation

On this page you will find information on the various chiefs that have served Sucker Creek First Nation since its inception as Reserve 150A


Chiefs of Sucker Creek First Nation

1910 – 1914      Headman
(b. c.1850 – d. 1914) Louis Willier (Mostos)
1982-1983      Harold Cardinal 
c.1983    Donald Calliou (1st time)
1985 – 1987    James G. Badger (1st time)
1987 – 1989    Donald Calliou (2nd time)
1989 – 1997  James G. Badger (2nd time)
1997 – 1998    Alvin Cardinal (1st time)
1998 – 1999       Raymond Willier
1999 – 2003      Alvin Cardinal (2nd time)
2003 – 2006     Fred Badger
2006 – 2009   Jaret Cardinal
2009 - 2021  James G. Badger (3rd time)
2021 -    

 Roderick Willier


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Louison Willier - Moostoos:

Read Louison Willier's story HERE

Harold Cardinal

Chief of Sucker Creek FN 150A from 1982 - 1983

Harold Cardinal became an Indigneous leader in 1968 when he was elected as president of the Indian Association of Alberta. He was its youngest president.

Throughout his nine terms in office, spanning from 1968 to 1977, Cardinal embarked on numerous initiatives aimed at strengthening Indigenous culture and preserving traditional practices.

Donald Calliou

1983 and 1987-1989

During his two terms as Chief of Sucker Creek FN, Donald Calliou worked to bring jobs and opportunity to Sucker creek as the Band's services was the biggest employer.

Raymond Michael Willier

Served as Chief of Sucker Creek FN 150A from 1998-1999 and served as Grand Chief of Treaty 8 for one year.

Raymond was the youngest son of James and Amelia Moostoos, a residential school survivor and the great grandson of Chief Moostoos.

Raymond owned many businesses in the region and served on council for 13 years.

Raymond Michael Willier

James G Badger

One of the longest serving Chiefs of Sucker Creek FN, James Badger served as Chief from 1985 - 1987 and then from 1989 to 1997

His third and final term as chief was from 2009 - 2021


Fred Badger

Chief of Sucker Creek FN 150A from 2003 - 2006

Jaret Cardinal

Chief of Sucker Creek FN 150A from November 2006-November 2009

Jaret Cardinal started his career in 1997 when he became a policy advidro to the Treat8 First Nations od Alberta.

He was the Co-Chari fo the United League of Indigneous Nations from 2007-2011

He became Grand Chief of Treaty 8 in 2009.

Jaret Cardinal

Roderick Willier

Current Chief of Sucker Creek First Nation 150A

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